The Best-Selling Performance Protein is at GNC

Scientifically engineered to amplify your game and improve strength, stamina and recovery

Features 60g of whey isolate protein and hydrolysates, 7.7g leucine and 8.5g micronized amino acids

Includes clinically studied ingredients for proven results

Delivers 30% Increase in Muscle Strength◊

Provides 100% improvement in exercise efficiency and increases muscle strength and stamina with half the sets˜

Great tasting, clean formula has less than 1g fat, 1g sugar, 90 calories and only 2g of total carbohydrates per scoop

This formula features a built-in, precisely dosed product stack designed to enhance performance results, and offers 6 different products in 1.

The impressive 60 grams of protein is made entirely from two of the highest quality, fast-absorbing forms of whey protein, isolates and hydrolysates to create an ideal environment for muscle protein synthesis. Whey Protein Isolate filters out much of the lactose, carbohydrate, fat and cholesterol to create a very clean, advanced formula. Whey Protein Hydrolysis provides rapid absorption of amino acids to deliver key nutrients to muscle tissue.

The exclusive Amino Acceleration System in this formula is designed to speed up the availability and absorption of amino acids so it can rapidly be used by your muscles to support post-workout recovery, fuel muscle cells and build the proteins used in the growth and maintenance of muscles.

Helps support the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Plays a role in protein synthesis, the process in which cells build proteins. It’s also a crucial part of the nitric oxide pathway and helps maintain blood vessel tone.

Helps fuel muscles and is needed to transform fatty acids into energy.

This digestive enzyme blend with proven bioactivity is designed to accelerate the availability and absorption of amino acids in muscles. This proprietary enzyme blend provides a 12% greater protein breakdown for improved uptake.***

Once per day, consume one, two or three scoops 30 minutes after your workout. On non-training days, consume one serving first thing in the morning. For maximum results, take the full three-scoop serving pre- and post-workout.

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